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The Vortex

Painted Background 312The Vortex

While wandering the library this week, I glanced at a title and picked the book up out of curiosity. The Vortex is a book channeled by a collection of entities named Abraham. The authors of the written material are Esther and Jerry Hicks. I won’t mention the full title because I haven’t, as they say in New Age vernacular, ‘embraced’ the belief in the remainder of the title even though the term “vortex” grabbed my immediate attention.

Years ago I entered a vortex. Physically, I mean. I was on the land where the sweat lodge was conducted. Someone had a plastic bucket, the kind of white bucket that paint comes in by the mega-gallon. Water filled three quarters of the bucket.

“Put your arm in up to your elbow,” the person instructed, “and swirl it. Do it slowly and then pick up speed.”

I lowered my arm and began to turn in a circular pattern. It felt natural to swirl it counterclockwise with my left hand and clockwise with my right hand. I turned and turned my arm as the motion picked up speed. I stood and bent over the bucket because it was just tall enough that I couldn’t be on my knees and continue to get an even swirling motion. I experimented with speed: too fast was exhausting and too slow prevented the volume of the water from climbing the sides of the bucket. But when I swirled “just right” the feeling was mystical-magical-odd.

As I circled my arm at just the right speed, I dove into that bucket. Metaphorically, I mean. As all of me energetically entered that swirling, circling, spinning vortex, it became my entire universe. My thoughts quieted, my eyes were glued to the center of the vortex where there was a wind tunnel of absolute peace, and the sensuous feel of the water helped to cool my body from the ninety-plus-degree heat in the canyon that housed the lodge.

“Stand there. Don’t quit. See what happens.” More enticing words could not have been voiced. I kept spinning. Slowly, like new wings of a butterfly unfurling outside its cocoon for the first time, I became captivated by the natural ease of the movement. The movement was the only thing that mattered even as people milled around me waiting their turn to spin the water in the bucket. I didn’t hear their words. I wasn’t to be distracted.

The even movement of the watery vortex held me in its power. I felt the tension in the liquid walls held up by movement and momentum. Everything seemed possible. The movement of an ant to the turning of a planet and everything in-between had potential. It was greater even than possibility.

Potential in its purest form was power untapped, waiting to be born.

Abraham says that our relationship with ourselves, with our world, and with what confronts us, (not in confrontation but in what directly faces us in the immediate moment) can be just like that vortex created by water in a bucket created by the centrifugal force of a moving arm.

Yes! I want that please.

As all good self-help authors do, Esther and Jerry provide a tool to get us into the vortex. The tool is easy to use. I’ll give you an example.

First, there is the statement of impossibility or negation, i.e. some belief you have that causes you uneasiness, discomfort, and even outright pain. When these emotions are present, the vortex is conversely not present. Write that statement at the top of an empty piece of paper.

Second, write the opposite of that statement in the center of the paper and circle it. This statement is where you want to be and is at the center of the vortex.

Picture a merry-go-round. The second sentence is the germ seed for getting into the midst of the vortex or in to the middle of the merry-go-round. It is a statement that fills you with potential, creation, and positive movement, a movement that feels magical and mysterious as though you’re standing over a paint bucket swirling your arm in water.

Now we’re going to fill in the spokes of the merry-go-round with statements that enlarge the central statement. Picture twelve smaller circles that go around the central statement much like twelve numerals that comprise the face of a clock.

As the author’s say, “I promise you” that by the time you move around the full circle filling in each position with a statement, you will be firmly inside the vortex of potentiality.

Here’s an example from my life this week. The sentence at the top of my paper reads: “Reflecting, writing or journaling, and psychological processing are overused ways to learn, to mature, and to grow.”

My center statement challenges the first sentence. Here it is: “Being attuned to my physical body, being aware of early morning gnosis (awareness before becoming fully awake), and looking directly in the eye of the moment at hand, or NOW, are excellent ways to­ BE.” There is no try here, no struggle, no figuring out—there is only the present moment to experience without judgment or comparison. No “woulda, coulda, shoulda”!

Now my supporting statements allow my perspective to move to an even greater awareness and into the center of my inner vortex.

  • These ephemeral ways of being are our birthright as human beings with awareness. (In the 12 o’clock position.)
  • Paying attention to them strengthens them in my life. (In the 1 o’clock position—now you get the idea.)
  • These ways of being are unerring in their clarity.
  • The above “tools” for living life are inclusive of reflecting, writing or journaling, and psychological processing; they don’t have to come at the expense of one another. (Inclusivity at its best rather than exclusivity.)
  • They have their own heartbeat that can be recognized. (They ARE who I am.)
  • I can trust that they operate without thought. (My mind doesn’t run the show.)
  • Learning, growing, and expanding takes place outside of words and psychological processing.
  • Combine all techniques. Yin and Yang fit beautifully together.
  • Honor their rhythm. (Remember in my example: the “just right” speed of my arm swirling the water helped to create the vortex.)
  • There is a perfect balance to be learned in “holding on tightly, letting go lightly”; in other words, use the tools when needed and let them lie in ready when not needed.
  • Nature, sound, and beauty aid in my Being just as the vortex aids in maximizing potential. External and internal unite and I am at the center of the vortex.

This focus-wheel process[1] is a tool just as the bucket with water in it was a tool. Both of them put me back into a natural state of being that enhances wellbeing.

[1] Hicks, Esther & Jerry, (2009), The Vortex Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships (Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc.), 192.