October 15, 2014 seeing_admin


A koan, in its most simple and profound aspect, is an exploration of paired opposites. The fact that a koan appears simple and yet is not so simple is paradox. How can it be both? When it comes to the koan of “seeing” whether a particular teacher or guru is right for us, how can we see deeper than just with our eyes to the very heart of the matter?

Seeing Through the Guru does not take the teacher/guru at face value because of a title. We want to “see through” in order to determine if the teacher/guru is fulfilling their role in pointing to the truth of the matter related to our journey and us.

Yes, I am implying that because one has the label of “guru,” it doesn’t automatically signal that the service he or she offers is true, trustworthy, and pure of heart. This assumption has caused grief for many. I believe that’s an easy proposition to agree with.

Our task is to “see through” the teacher/guru to determine what is at the heart of our business with them and their business with us, and that’s where the title of the website comes into play.

Koans teach us about non-duality. They have the power to evoke the understanding that subject and object are not separate, in this case, the teacher/guru and the student.

Within the framework or function of “seeing,” consider that the object is the guru, and the subject is you or “I.” But because in truth there is no duality—there is only “I-AM”—we are seeing ourselves in the guru and the guru is seeing him or herself in us.

It’s like the well-known black and white picture of a white vase upon a black background. When you look intently (the beginning of “seeing”), you begin to see not just a vase but two people nose to nose—and, I’d like to think, heart to heart.

Initially, you didn’t see the two faces, but once you did see them, you could no longer go back to seeing merely a monochrome vase.

When you see “through” the guru, you see that the guru is also seeing through you. The potential to see yourself within another as mirror is a paradox and nearly impossible to even consider, until you see it! At that point, the duality between subject and object disappears and you are nose-to-nose or heart to heart with the teacher. The important factor here is to be faced with the mirror that is “right” for you.

Seeing Through the Guru is a website intended to assist you in discovering, discerning, and deciding who will be your teacher, your guru, your mentor in the journey to wherever it is you want to go. It may also help you to decipher who you are in relationship to your teacher.

Whether your journey is in the realm of Buddhism or Sufism, in the world of non-duality or on the Toltec Path of Heart, or delving into perception, awareness, and dreaming through meditation, life coaching, or plant medicines, the journey is yours to discover and to define. My assistance comes in finding the “right” teacher for that journey.

Last but not least, what is the reason for a Koan category?

Koans make excellent gurus. I will share those koans and their teachings that became signposts on my journey. Once a month a new koan will be presented. You determine if they will be of assistance to you.

Most importantly, koans act as a beautiful vase to gaze upon until you create your very own koans that assist in seeing the I-Am that is within you.